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American & French
Oak Series

Our special crafted series is derived from using the finest cuts of white oak and enriching its attributes with varying levels of toast, enhancing the bouquet and flavor of your wine!
Vintage Series

Our classic high quality unscreened white oak that is delicately mixed for performance. Its unparalleled mixture allows this series to have the fastest extraction rate possible while maintaining plentiful flavor to enhance your wine.

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Premium Series

Our highest quality of white oak that is screened to perfection allowing a slow maturation to embrace the mouthfeel of a full-bodied wine!

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Fusion Series

Specialty blends of different toast levels in the same product. This series offers the ability to mix two or three toasting flavor profiles in equal proportions.

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Select Series

Our custom "made to order" series is specially designed to your exact likings. This series can accomodate many different aspects for your desired tastes and color. Your own unique creation if you so choose!

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Gourmet Series

A specialized series perfected from the naturalness of flavored wood, sharing an invigorating taste for your wine.

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Stave Series

Crafted of premium quality staves used to contend a barrel. Extraction is received from every cellular angle resulting in a premium fine wine!

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Barrel Series

Offers select oak products that cost effectively replenish the oak flavors of your neutral or used barrels. This series extracts at a low-intermediate rate reserving the tedious toasted taste one would expect of a select wine!

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Fine Appalachian Oaks

We ensure that every product has a toast level consistent in color and roasted evenly throughout enhancing the flavors from our oak products.